MP views new supercomputer

Local MP Hugo Swire visited the Met Office on Friday 18 September to see the first part of the brand new supercomputer.

Hugo Swire: Syrian Refugees, Assisted Dying and Labour

The big story across Europe continues to be the refugee crisis and will remain so for a long time to come. Only on Monday I was in Geneva addressing the UN Human Rights Council on issues including Syria. Please be assured we continue to be at the forefront of the international response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria - including as the second biggest bilateral donor of humanitarian aid, having already pledged £1 billion. Some £60 million of the additional funding will also help Syrians who are still in Syria.  Britain is a moral nation and we must and will fulfill our moral responsibilities.

Hugo briefed on transport issues

Hugo Swire and his constituency neighbour Neil Parish recently visited the Devon Materials Lab and South West Highways in Rockbeare for an in-depth breifing on transport issues.

Hugo Swire: End of Term

Parliament shut down last week, with MPs mostly heading back to their constituencies. I meanwhile headed off on a ten day foreign office trip to South East Asia. It’s more difficult to travel as a foreign office minister these days as we only have a slim majority and it’s important to be on the ground to get our legislation through.